Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pixie Tales - Shine The Spotlight

The theme of this blog is "shine the spotlight" and I would like to begin with the man who started it all, with a mouse no less, Walt Disney. His vision of a place where families could have fun brought so many families together and created life long memories.
Next, I would like to shine the spotlight on my parents, Art and Bobbi. They created such an amazing childhood for my siblings and me. Family first was the motto around our house. I am not saying that work life and providing for us did not get in the way of things, however my parents were always there for football practices, school events, etc... and as a family we traveled a lot. My favorite memories are the trips to Disneyland, Disney World and the beach. I still have a love for everything Disney and the beach. My first choice is always Disneyland though.
As an adult, I am sharing my love for Disney with my wonderful husband, Al. I want to shine the spotlight on him and share how he did not understand how Disneyland could bring so much magic to my life but made the trip with me anyways. This was because he did not have the pleasure of visiting Disney as a child, in fact his first visit to Disneyland was in 2007. His love for the Happiest Place on Earth was instant and now we both have a strong passion for this magical place.
Who would you shine the spotlight on as it relates to your Disneyland memories? - Joyce

My sister Cheryl on the left, and yep, I'm Mickey!

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