Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happiest Blog On Earth...Time

Boy. You ever notice how time flies when you're at Disneyland? Never fails. You get to the Resort and look down at your watch: 8:00 am. Cool. The Park is open until midnight tonight! You head through the gates and into that welcoming tunnel, pass the Main Street Opera House then take another quick look at your watch and BOOM! HOLY CORN DOG BATMAN! It's 10:00 pm!! WHAT HAPPENED?!

Ok, maybe that was a little exaggerated but you know what I mean. Time moves much faster when you're at the Happiest Place On Earth. However...the exact OPPOSITE phenomenon can be observed when you're waiting for your Disneyland Resort Vacation to start, huh? In fact, Joyce and I are experiencing that at this very moment! We've finally made our reservations, purchased our tickets and plotted the trip course in the old iPhone Maps App (just a little joke there), and now we....wait. Our trip isn't until October 21, 2012 at 7:00 am MST. Not that I'm counting or anything. So, waiting....yeah...waiting.

If you haven't picked this up from our podcast yet, Joyce and I truly love Disneyland. Few things on Earth can lift our spirits the way a visit to Our Laughing Place can. That's probably why waiting to depart on our much needed trip is so torturous. All I can think about is walking through Main Street USA, checking out the new coffee mugs in the shops, spotting the Trading Pin Lanyards on the Cast Members, enjoying a cup of Market House coffee while sitting at the Hub watching happy guests run by. Man...where was I going with this?? Oh yeah...sitting at my desk at work, knowing that in just a little more than a week we'll be DOING all those things, well, makes it very tough to concentrate on my job. Do you ever experience this? Oh, and to add to my anxiousness to get out of my office and into the Family Truckster is the knowledge that Cars Land AND Buena Vista Street are waiting for us. To date, we've only enjoyed what others have shared. Oh cursed watch on my wrist...deliver me through time quicker (until we get to Disneyland, then you can STOP!).

Time. Enemy or friend? You be the judge! ~~~ Al (This nearly incoherent rant is courtesy of slow moving time and the desire to get to my Happy Place

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