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Mickey & Donald...Have A Farm!

Mickey & Donald...Have A Farm!

Old Mac Mickey Had A Farm...oh, and his friend Donald owned it with him! Meeska-Mouska-Do! And all their Mickey Mouse Clubhouse© friends help them keep their musically fun farm running smoothly...well, almost! So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, hop on the Clickety-Clack tractor and prepare to lend a helping hand in this barnyard adventure!

Fun On The Farm
Ok, if you have little ones, you're most likely very familiar with the Disney Junior channels Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Of course, if you don't have little one's in your life, odds are you MAY have heard of this show, but never watched it...right? The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is targeted to preschoolers but is appropriate for children of any age. In true Disney fashion, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sets our Disney heroes in a series of escapades designed to teach viewers how to solve a specific age-appropriate problem utilizing basic skills, such as identifying shapes and counting through ten. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey & Donald Have A Farm continues this premise, and adds fun activities that are farm/barnyard related, like operating the Clickety-Clack tractor and planting seeds to grow food. Comprised from previous seasons, included on the DVD are five fun and educational episodes:

  • Mickey and Donald Have a Farm
    • From Season One of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Goofy's Petting Zoo
    • From Season One of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Clarabelle's Clubhouse Mooo-Sical
    • From Season Two of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Goofy the Homemaker
    • From Season Two of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Donald Hatches and Egg
    • From Season Three of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Packed with nursery rhymes, sing-a-long songs and how-to instructions, each episode invites the viewers to play along with the Clubhouse friends and learn about teamwork, problem solving and even early math skills (something I wish I'd have had when I was a kid!). 

All in all, even for an older Disney fan like myself, Mickey & Donald Have A Farm is a cute engaging and fun filled trip to the farm. With approximately Two Hours of adventure and learning,  you can let your little ones watch without feeling like they've wasted their time! Oh, and included in the DVD packaging is a hands-on activity that you can join your little ones on: Let's Get Growing Mickey's Planting Kit PLUS Fun Farm Facts - A neat little kit to let you grow your very own Clubhouse Garden! With detailed instructions on how to turn an egg carton into a seed starter, Farm Funnies (cute jokes your little ones can share with their friends and family), a package of seeds to plant and pretty high quality plastic soil stakes for your seeds. Seed selections will vary but in our pack, we received Nevada Lettuce...and when they grow we'll share photos! 
Grow Your Own Salad!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald Have A Farm is available on DVD now for an SRP of $19.99, and you can find it just about any place that sells DVD's, or, you can find it on our Amazon Affiliate Store at Tales From The Mouse House Amazon Store . If you're looking for a fun way to teach your little ones some amazing things, this is definitely the DVD series to buy! Ah, if only I were a kid again...I mean chronologically...we all know I'm still a kid at heart! So, while you're waiting for your copy to arrive, check out a preview below! -- Al 

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