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Peter Pan...You CAN Fly!

Peter Pan 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition Blu-Ray

 **Note, you're in for a treat! Both Joyce AND Al reviewed Peter Pan...enjoy!

By Joyce - 

I “grew up”  with Disney and just like Peter Pan I have not really grown up.  I first saw Peter Pan when I was 5 years and when it was released on VHS in 1990s, my oldest son was almost the same age as I was when I first saw the movie.  He loved it as much as I did and is now sharing it with his children. This movie has been seen by many different generations. 
Peter Pan, Tinker Bell & Wendy

This classic is one of my all time favorite movies although a view it differently as a adult that I did as a child.  I remember seeing it as a child and did not understand the jealously Tinker Bell had toward Wendy and how this caused trouble for her, Peter, the Lost Boys, and the Darling Children.  As a child I loved Nana the dog and remember being afraid of Captain Hook and Tick-Tock Croc, and also thinking that Peter Pan could magically enter my bedroom and “kidnap” me and I would never see my parents again.  This frightened me as a child but as I watched it recently, I realized that Wendy, Michael and John did not seem to care that they may not see their parents again as they flew away with Peter. It was a dream that they lived while sleeping and they wanted to experience it for real.

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I'll be waiting.”

Peter shared with Wendy that she could be a mother to the Lost Boys and this excited her so very much.  Wendy was also upset with her father because she had to leave the nursery the following day.  

I loved the movie and it is a classic but I am not sure that children will understand or appreciate it as I did. Today’s society is also different than it was when I growing up.  There is sensitivity to Indians being referred to as the “Red Man” and "Quite Savage”   
Not PC by today's standards

Things I picked up as an adult seeing the movie that I did not notice when I watched it at the age of 5 and even as a young Mom watching it with my sons. There was lots of violence such as the mermaids trying to drown Wendy and Tinker Bell’s jealously towards Wendy.  In my opinion, even though it is a bit outdated it is ok for children of all ages and parents may need to explain it to the children based on their age and maturity. 

Did you know that the message appearing during the credits: "Walt Disney Productions is grateful to the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London”  JM Barrie gave all the rights to the Peter Pan to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1929. 

By Al - 

Ok, I must confess something to you all. I’ve never seen Disney’s classic animated film, Peter Pan. I know what you’re thinking. “But, you’re such a Disney FAN! How could you have NEVER seen this beloved classic?”. Well, I haven’t, ok? I’ve lived a sheltered life, OK? I admit it! I’ve not seen a...few of the Disney Classics out there, but I’m in the process of rectifying that grievous error....

Recently, Joyce and I received a review copy of Disney Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu Ray and I FINALLY watched it, and I truly loved it. Classic Disney, at it’s very best. Now, I’m pretty familiar with the story of Peter Pan, after all, I DO love Disneyland! I LOVE Disneyland’s Fantasmic show in which Peter and Captain Hook have a daring duel with swords on the Sailing Ship Columbia, while the Hook hungry crocodile is chasing after, waiting for Hook to fall into the river!  And, Joyce LOVES Tinker Bell!! I’ve also seen the myriad of Peter Pan movies over the years including the live action Peter Pan (which I found a bit “dark”), and the Robin Williams big budget Hook, which took a rather interesting look at the Peter Pan story. However, THIS Peter Pan is, in my opinion, the best. 
Tinker Bell
For those of you who’ve never seen this 1953 Disney classic (yes, like I USED to be), Peter Pan is the story of a boy who refuses to grow up and the three Darling kids who, when faced with their fathers disapproval of “all things childish”, embark on an adventure that not only allows them to enjoy being a child, but enables them to better understand the need for a balance between being TOO childish and forever putting those childish ways away. 

Ok, so, what did I think of Peter Pan? Like Wendy, John and Michael Darling, I was drawn into Peter’s ongoing war with the evil pirate Captain Hook and delighted in the many ways Peter outwits Hook. On the surface, Peter Pan is a lighthearted look at the age-old struggle between parents and children, where parents insist on their offspring growing up and facing the “real world”, while the children just want to remain children forever. Unfortunately, parents typically win in this battle, and the result is that too many kids grow to forget how fun it is to be a kid, and end up being like Mr. Darling, who has no patience for games. In that regard, it’s not hard to see why Peter Pan is a classic. In true Disney fashion, we’re entertained by some incredibly enjoyable situations, all the while learning a life lesson that few of us would admit to learning. There MUST be balance in the Force (sorry, wrong franchise), there MUST be a balance between becoming a responsible adult and retaining your child-like side. If you can accomplish that, well, then you’d be Walt Disney!
Peter Pan 

One of the things about Peter Pan that I enjoyed is that although there is a “message” in the film, it certainly isn’t too “deep” or too serious like Bambi. Peter Pan appeals to just about everyone really, from the kid who can relate and yearns to have adventures like Peter and his Lost Boys, to the adults who (almost) remember what it’s like to BE a kid. For an animated film, it is very beautiful. At times the animation almost makes you forget it is indeed a cartoon. And again, in true Disney fashion, our hero is triumphant over the villain and saves the day. Every scene in Peter Pan was familiar to me, mostly because of the Peter Pan attraction at Disneyland and the aforementioned Fantasmic show. 

Of course, there are a few things in Disney’s Peter Pan that made me wince a bit. First off, remember it was done in 1953, a time that we didn’t really understand the term “politically correct”. Certain scenes that portray Native Americans in a rather...stereotypical light, but like I said...1953. And, is it just me or is Tinker Bell NOT very nice in this film? I mean, this is NOT the Tinker Bell I know, this one is mean, vindictive, jealous and well, VIOLENT!  When we watched the film, I mentioned to Joyce that if they had made Peter Pan today, those scenes would have been altered drastically to be certain! Aside from that, Peter Pan is one of my new all time favorites and will be one of our “going to Disneyland” movies. The humor, awesome animation, simple yet poignant message, and a story that has the ability to immediately make us not only remember but FONDLY remember what it’s like to be a carefree child, make Disney’s Peter Pan a must see movie for anyone. And, this film is one of three to boast all nine of Walt’s famous “Nine Old Men” as directing animators! So that fact alone makes Peter Pan an instant classic and an historic piece. 
Tick Tock, Tick Tock 

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Disney’s classic adventure Peter Pan as it soars to new heights for the first time EVER on Disney Blu-Ray! By the way, we viewed Peter Pan on DVD and on the Blu Ray version and although DVD is nice, the Blu Ray is beautiful! The level of clarity offered by Blu Ray makes the animation even more outstanding and the sound...well, THIS is what surround sound was made for! 

Disney’s Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu Ray is available now, bonus features include Growing Up With Nine Old Men, Disney View, Disney Intermission, Deleted Songs and Scenes, You Can Fly: The Making Of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell: A Fairy’s Tales, Disney Song Selections, Audio Commentary Hosted By Roy Disney, Music Videos and More!

3-Disc Blu-Ray Combo Pack includes Blu Ray disc, DVD, Digital Copy and Storybook App, SRP $44.99
2-Disc Blu-Ray Combo Pack includes Blu Ray disc and DVD, SRP $39.99

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