Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tales From The Mouse House...Ep 88

Well, welcome to Episode 88 of Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast!!! YAHOO! We’ve got a special sort of different kind of show for you today! Instead of our usual format, we change things up a bit and launch a (possibly) NEW style - FREE STYLIN’!! We go off script and share some of our favorite things about the Disneyland Resort! You’ve GOT to tune in to this EXTRA LARGE episode to find out!

Ok, we'll give you a hint: we decided to come up with a series of questions, like, what's your favorite attraction, that sort of thing. Then we'll reveal what we answered then discuss. Now, neither of us knows what the other answered so some things may be the same, some different. Joyce came up with this idea, to shake things up a bit and keep things FRESH. So, if you like it, be sure to thank her...WE certainly enjoyed recording this episode! We had a lot of fun and Joyce actually said this was her favorite show to record - out of the MANY, MANY we've done in almost FOUR years!

We'd LOVE for you guys to get in to this fun! How about, after listening, you come up with your own answers to the questions we posed each other and email them to us at 

Oh, our GREAT friend Dean Carrington sent us a terrific gift, actually two. He sent us a couple copies of a new Disney Hyperion Publishing book called Big Rig. Dean is friends with the illustrator of this awesome children's book, set in the Cars world, and both are autographed by the narrator! One for us and one for...whoever wins the contest we're launching soon!! So, be sure to keep an ear out!

Hey, if YOU'RE in need of a great travel agent, why not give our sponsor, Randy Crane from Mouse Ear Vacations a holler! I bet he can make YOUR vacation a MAGICAL one! Visit Randy at NOW is the time to book your 2014 Disney adventure! 

As always, If you’d like to send in comments for the show, you can send us an email to, leave us voicemail on the Hotline at 304-TALES23, leave us feedback in iTunes or leave comments for us on our Twitter account @talespodcast. Heck, you can even find us on FaceBook, just search for Tales From The House House - Disneyland podcast! 

Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…

"Make It A Mickey Day!" ~~ Al & Joyce

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