Friday, April 18, 2014


by Al Kessel 

Think Disney's Up meets the world of music, and that's what you'll find when you listen to this one of a kind adventure in tune! Ok, I know, you're confused, but stick with me here.

A few weeks ago, we received an email asking if we'd be interested in reviewing a pre-release of the latest mix from Joe Pardo (aka djRom). The title of this mix intrigued me: Adventurtorium! What attracted my attention even more was that this mix consists of Disney movie and Theme Park music, mixed with various instrumentals from the soundtrack of Disney Pixar's Up! Hmm, well, I do LOVE the movie Up. And, I do like music. So, I told Joe SURE! Shortly after I replied, Joe sent me the link to all the songs and let me tell you, I wasn't ready for what I heard.

Now, before I go any further, let me describe the music djRom has created. He's taken some audio dialogue and instrumental music from Up, and mixed it with some very interesting stuff: some hip/hop style music; some electronic beats; songs from Theme Park attractions like Splash Mountain and The Enchanted Tiki Room (YAH!!); some mainstream music like Gangsta's Paradise, Stop, Look and Listen, The Real Slim Shady. Without listening, my first thought was 'huh?!'. I thought this just can't be any good. BUT...BOY was I wrong! You'd think that this mix of the instrumentals from Up and songs like Gangsta's Paradise just doesn't work, but it really does. Joe Pardo works his DJ magic and makes this eclectic mix of mis-matched music (wow, lot's of M's there!) work! I've never really been a fan of 'mix' music, but when created this way, yeah, it really makes me happy.  Joe mixed this album live on two turntables, a mixer and something called Serato (have NO clue what that is but it sounds COOL!)  Through this project, Joe has created a completely new way of enjoying this awesome Disney Pixar classic movie, and trust me, it does create a whole new level of emotion and adventure. You really are treated to the entire story of UP in a uniquely different and wonderfully imagined way!

What makes Adventurtorium! an even better project is the genesis of the project. Joe Pardo's goal is to help raise money for Give Kids The World, a wonderful 70 acre nonprofit storybook resort, located in Central Florida, where children with life threatening illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost free vacations. Each CD set consists of 2 hand colored Discs (original artwork by Matt Lewis), 4 panel hand drawn CD wallet, 35 awesome songs, all for $10.00! And 25% of each album is donated to Give Kids The World! 

If you love Disney, Pixar, Disney Theme Parks, Disney Movies, Music or ANYTHING, this really is a must have to add to your Disney music collection. Be sure to tune in to Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast episode 91 to hear our chat with Joe Pardo and artist Matt Lewis! (yeah, shameless plug for the show). 

All in all, Adventurtorium! is really a terrific album and a one you truly must add to your collection. Plus, you'd be aiding a wonderful cause in Give Kids The World.  - Al 


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