Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toy Story of TERROR!!!!

Review by Joyce Kessel

Just in time for Halloween, Disney/Pixar reunites Woody, Buzz, and all our Toy Story friends, but this time, their adventure is fun with a side of fright.  Toy Story of Terror! was released on BluRay+ Digital Copy, DVD, DisneyMoviesAnywhere and Digital HD on August 19th. 

The movie starts with the friends embarking on a road trip with Bonnie and family. While watching a horror movie to pass the time, the car gets a flat tire, so, they stop at a road side hotel.  Forced to spend the night, Woody advises his friends not to leave the suitcase because they might get lost.  But of course, Mr. Potato Head wanders off and they fear he is lost.  
Watching a horror movie

The gang meets a new friend, 'Combat Carl', who helps the crew survive their own horror story (that's all you're getting. Remember, NO SPOILERS HERE!).  This made for TV adventure is just shy of 22 minutes and is a must-see.  Even though it's 'for kids', Al and I LOVE this and will be making it one of our Halloween traditions! 
Combat Carl

The Blu-ray is loaded with never-before-seen bonus features, including three Vintage Toy Commercials, which can be viewed as act breaks during the film or separately with Director Introductions.  The Blu-Ray also includes additional special features shorts: “Small Fry”, “Partysaurus Rex” and “Hawaiian Vacation”.    

“Toy Story OF TERROR!” features the voice talents of original “Toy Story” cast members Tom Hanks as “Woody,” Tim Allen as “Buzz Lightyear,” Joan Cusack as “Jessie,” Timothy Dalton as “Mr. Pricklepants,” Don Rickles as “Mr. Potato Head,” Kristen Schaal as “Trixie” and Wallace Shawn as “Rex,” along with series newcomer Carl Weathers as “Combat Carl/Combat Carl Jr.” 

Written and directed by Angus MacLane, animator on such Disney•Pixar classics as “Finding Nemo,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Toy Story 2 & 3” and produced by Galyn Susman, “Toy Story OF TERROR!” features an original score by composer Michael Giacchino (“Ratatouille,” “Up,” “Cars 2”).

(Video Copyright Pixar)

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