Friday, March 6, 2015

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders

by Joyce Kessel

Back in the 1980's, my nephew was addicted to everything My Little Pony, so when we were asked to review “My Little Pony-Friendship Is Magic: Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders”,  I was flooded with thoughts of these special moments we shared.  

Available now on DVD. The newest My Little Pony DVD takes viewers on journey through Equestria where they can witness an important coming of age moment for a young Pony. After all, Ponies acquire their CUTIE MARK, but only after they discover something unique about themselves that sets them apart from others.  During this crusade,  the three main characters: Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom meet, become instant friends and set out on a journey to not only find themselves but their mark. 

There are 5 episodes on the DVD: The Cutie Mark Chronicles, the Cutie Pox, Flight to the Finish, Pinkie Pride, and Twilight Time.  Each colorful story ties into the previous one and make viewers want to keep watching so learn more about the ponies’ adventures.   There are many lessons learned throughout these adventures

The DVD is geared toward younger children but the bonus features are really cool and I loved the downloadable coloring sheets and sing-along.  

The running time is 110 minutes and is suitable for all children.  This affordable DVD can be purchased for around $10.00 at Walmart and Amazon.  

My Rating: 8 out of 10 ponies.

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