Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Chronicles of Duffy - Christmas, D23 and a Winner!

Christmas in July is traditionally celebrated in some parts of Australia, primarily because Christmas falls during their summer season. However, July is one of the coldest months in the “Land Down Under”. Since they find it difficult to follow certain traditions, like having a heavy meal, during the summer they follow all those Holiday customs for their Christmas in July celebrations. This unique celebration is referred to as “Half-Christmas” in Australia.

Here in Arizona, the summer temperatures do not put us in the Christmas spirit often, but the retailers have lots of Christmas in July sales. It is the perfect way to start Christmas shopping and save a few dollars. I have been staying indoors and have not ventured out much lately.  With all this fur and the Christmas sweater that I am so attached to, I get over-heated quickly and prefer to stay indoors. 

In celebration of Christmas in July, My Mom and Dad, hosts of Tales from the Mouse House podcast, launched a giveaway contest and we are happy to announce that our winner of the Tales from the Mouse House T-shirt is Christina.  Christina is a self-proclaimed teenage Disney Geek.  Congratulations Christina and thanks for being a loyal listener to my Mom and Dad’s cool podcast!

I am getting very excited for the D23 Expo and will visit with Mom, Dad, and Val. Katie is going on a separate vacation to play with her doggie friends. Although, I plan to report mainly on new attractions and going-ons at the Disneyland Resort, I’ll have some reports on D23 as well. Stayed tuned for my first real trip to the Park report! It will be my first time back since my adoption and I am so excited. Val is excited too because it will be his first time to the park.  He lived at Company D prior to joining our family.  Our good friend, Julie bought Val as a favor for Mom since we could not make a trip to the resort.  If you haven’t already done so, please read my blog about Val joining the family.

Don’t forget to visit our new webpage for Tales from the Mouse House Disneyland podcast:

Make it a Mickey Day! (That’s what Mom and Dad always say!)

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