Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happiest Blog On Earth...A Wonderful Cause

Hey gang, 
As many of you already know, my wonderful daughter Amanda is attending college back east for a career in the medical field. She has a terrific giving spirit and has participated in many awesome causes. 

Well, she recently contact Joyce and me and told us all about this exceptionally heroic cause she is now spear-heading, to help increase the awareness of the global health crisis in the world we live in. So, to help raise some much needed money for this, she and her fellow Med-Students have started a totally awesome venture...Joyce and I had the honor of being her first customers, and we'll be launching a trivia contest soon to share some of these Disney inspired gems with some lucky winners! So, to tell you a bit more about this wonderful cause, here's Amanda:

The Master of Science in Anesthesia class of 2014 out of Cleveland, Ohio has begun a project to raise money to provide pulse oximeters to hospitals in economic hardship, but on a larger scale the mission is to also raise awareness for the shortfalls in global health. The LIFEBOX campaign has become the philanthropy initiative for the ASA and AAAA this year and MSA programs around the country are raising money to donate to the betterment of patient care. Lifebox is an organization that produces portable pulse oximeters and donates them along with training and user guides as well as the World Health Organizations standards for patient care.

Badge Clips Make GREAT Holiday Gifts!
Our program, headed by the philanthropy chair Amanda Kessel, is selling retractable badge clips adorned with the colorful array of drug caps we pop off in the OR. We have spent weeks gathering caps and decorating our badge clips to bring to you a spectrum of creative designs (and yes, we attempted and occasionally succeeded in making some more masculine for the gentlemen out there). The clips will be sold for $5/piece and 100% of the proceeds will be going directly to Lifebox. We will be selling the clips at our respective rotation sites up until March when our philanthropy year ends, at which point our progress will be presented at the AAAA meeting in Florida.

In trying to create a design that would appeal to the masses we thought to ourselves; what symbol could be universal so that everyone would want a piece to carry with them daily. DISNEY OF COURSE. Itʼs not just that Mickey is a symbol of that youthful imagination and magic we know so well, but cʼmon theyʼre adorable and oh so colorful! Besides that, the Walt Disney Company also propagates the message of making lasting and positive changes in communities throughout the world, something that you would be contributing to directly with your purchase!
For more information on Lifebox, you can visit their website at Online donations can be made on the site BUT if you do decide to take this route we only get credit if you include Case Cleveland MSA Program in the comments section of the donation.

Any other questions can be directed to Amanda Kessel by email at . Thank you for your support!
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”- Gandhi

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