Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tales From The Mouse House...Episode 61

Welcome to episode 61 of Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast! As many of you know, each year from mid-November to early January, the Disneyland Resort is transformed into a Winter Holiday Wonderland, complete with lights, Holiday music and believe it or not...SNOW! Well, among these wonderful treats, another annual Christmas tradition at the Resort is the Candlelight Processional Ceremony. A tradition beginning in 1958, each year, the Disneyland Resort hosts a celebration of the Season with beautiful orchestral and choir music, a wonderful Candlelight narration of the Biblical Christmas Story, presented by many of entertainments biggest names (like John Wayne, Gregory Peck, James Stewart, James Earl Jones, Carry Grant and many more!). This year was no different, in fact, Disney expanded this Holiday treat to 20 nights!    
2012 Disneyland Candlelight Processional

Unfortunately we were not able to attend this prestigious event, but our great friend Mr. Daps and his crew not only attended many of the nights, but they filmed them as well! And being the AWESOME guy Mr. Daps is, he has graciously agreed to allow us to share the audio from one of the most highly anticipated of the 2012 Processionals - narrated by Mr. Dick Van Dyke! Mr. Van Dyke is a Legend in the Disney fact, he IS a Disney Legend! His presentation of the Christmas Story, despite some wetter than desired conditions (it rained!), is masterfully delivered. We're honored to bring you this special Holiday treat! We hope you enjoy the show. 

 If you’d like to view this or any of the 2012 Candlelight Processional videos by Mr. Daps, check out his website at or his YouTube channel at

Be sure to join us next week for our special Christmas Greetings episode! We'll share some of our favorite Holiday stories, some fun Holiday Attractions and Shows at the Disneyland Resort that we enjoy, (hopefully) some of YOUR Holiday stories and...a special interview with a man we're sure you ALL will know! Ok, a little hint: he has a great white beard, awesome dimples and when he laughs, he tummy jiggles like a bowl full of jelly! So, be sure to send in your Holiday stories, or if you'd just like to say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas to us or someone you know, we'd LOVE to share them!!

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Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…
"Make It A Minnie Mouse Day!" ~~ Al & Joyce

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