Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tales From The Mouse House...Episode 67

Dapper Days 2013

Welcome to episode 67! As we said at the beginning of the year...we’re offering up some out of the normal episodes in 2013 and THIS episode is ONE OF THOSE! On this PACKED FULL episode (yeah, it’s LONG), we share two awesome interviews and a terrific review from our GREAT Disney friend Mr. Daps! First up, our recent chat with Michele Morabito about her experiences at the Dapper Days event at Disneyland. This is one cool "unofficial but recognized" Day to behold. Imagine visiting Disneyland when Walt himself walked the Resort. Everyone dressed up in their "Sunday Best". Well, THAT'S what Dapper Days is like! Guests wearing awesome period outfits, from the 1940's and 50's. Michele describes her visit and her lucky breakfast at Club 33!
Michele at Dapper Days...Inside Club 33!

Then, our great friend Mr. Daps is joined by Murray The Bell Hop and Roger Rabbit to discuss their coverage of the all new Fantasy Faire in Fantasy Land (Disneyland). Talk about adding a bit of fairytale magic to your Disneyland Resort vacation...recently Disney did JUST that! And Daps Magic was there for the scoop, and shares with us!

All New Fantasy Faire at Disneyland
Then, if all THAT weren’t enough, Joyce turns the microphone on me and author David Smith and we discuss Dave’s awesome new book, In The Shadow of the Matterhorn: Intimate Stories about Life, Love and Laughter at Disneyland - his behind the scenes look at Disneyland from a cast members perspective! Then, we launch an awesome new contest that can put YOU in the Shadow Of The Matterhorn!
All New Audiobook Narrated By Al Kessel!

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