Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tales From The Mouse House....Episode 68

Happy Easter and welcome to episode 68! We're back to a more...."normal" format on this episode! We discuss all kinds of fun stuff in our Host Chat, like, the crazy weather in Arizona and how it's creating all kinds of Joyce's allergies raging full speed ahead! Because of the weird weather - one week it was freezing cold, the next HOT, then the next cold, well, you get the picture, all the desert plants are blooming early and in full force. So, poor Joyce is suffering horribly from it. Oh, and we have a winner in our audiobook giveaway! Tune in to find out WHO! If you "LIKE" our FaceBook page, keep an eye out because we're going to launch another contest this coming week on FaceBook for...yep, ANOTHER copy of the audiobook!
Oh how we MISS THEE!

And of course, as many of you already know, I (Al) am without formal employment (nice way to put it, huh?) so I've been really working on my VoiceOver stuff. In fact, Joyce and I decided to take our podcast production "company" and turn it in to a legitimate COMPANY. We're calling it Storyteller Productions (cuz, well, we tell stories...) and I've embarked on a fun voiceover career. I've taken our good friend Dave Smith's (author of In The Shadow Of The Matterhorn) advice and have begun seeking audiobook narration gigs. And I've got FOUR in production right now! One is a book I'm REALLY suited for: a Walt Disney biography! YEAH!! 
Brand New Audiobook!

In our Attraction Reviews, I start a new series reviewing extinct attractions, but only ones that were around since 2007 when we started visiting. Should be fun! And in Food Reviews, Joyce discusses some alternatives for those Resort Guests who would rather have something not of the meat variety! 

Joyce and I really want to thank all of you who tune in to our fun little show. We truly have a passion for Walt Disney and his beloved Disneyland, and we're honored that you allow us to share that love with you!  

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Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…
"Make It A Mickey Day!" ~~ Al & Joyce

(Enjoy a little Splash Mountain...)

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