Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tales From The Mouse House...Episode 70

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast...Episode 70! Yeah, we’s been awhile since we’ve done a “regular” audio episode, but hey, life’s been kind of crazy for us, what with unemployment...recording audiobooks, computer systems acting wonky! Oh well, here we are!

On this episode, we chat about Mother’s Day 2013, what’s going on around our house and even launch an impromptu’ll have to listen in to find out the details! In our Attraction Review, Joyce covers an iconic Disneyland Attraction that illicits oohs and ahhs from everyone who sees it, and in Food Reviews Al covers a new classy place that puts the class in...well, class! 

Yeah, life HAS been quite messy for us lately, I'm still without "real work", despite submitting dozens of resumes. But, while we're in "limbo" with that, we're still moving forward with the Voice Acting/Narration company, Storyteller Productions. Currently I (Al) have 5 books in production, one completed and awaiting approval from and one on the digital shelves ready for your purchase. If you'd like details on any of these titles, you can visit us at and just navigate to the voice over page. Oh, and we have a Facebook business page now too, just search for Storyteller Productions. 

As always, If you’d like to send in comments for the show, you can send us an email to, leave us voicemail on the Hotline at 304-TALES23, leave us feedback in iTunes or leave comments for us on our Twitter account @talespodcast. Heck, you can even find us on FaceBook, just search for Tales From The House House - Disneyland podcast! If you'd like to listen to the show, you can find it on iTunes, on our podcast site at, the direct episode link: Episode 70, or on Stitcher Radio now! Just visit and search for Tales From The Mouse House - Disneyland Podcast!

AND, we're listed on Stitcher Radio now! Just visit and search for Tales From The Mouse House - Disneyland Podcast!

Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…
"Make It A Mickey Day!" ~~ Al & Joyce

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