Thursday, September 12, 2013

Super Buddies To The Rescue!

Here they come to save the day!!!! Disney's beloved and "SUPER" adorable "Buddies" are back in an all new movie for the whole family! 

That's right citizen, Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud are all back and this time, they're super-charged and out for fun! This time, our super cute pups discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique super power, and unleash their amazing new talents in a race to the rescue when a shape shifting bully from another planet threatens Ear-Th (yep, you'll have to watch the movie to understand THAT one!). But before they can take down the baddie, they have to learn how to harness their new found powers from none other than...Captain Canine himself!!
Colin Hanks voices Captain Canine

Ok, so to be totally honest, this straight to Blu-Ray and DVD movie isn't something that everyone will enjoy, or even get! It IS marketed for the whole family, but truthfully, only the younglings will really appreciate it fully. That being said...I liked it. I thought it was way up there on the "cute meter", but then, I'm a sucker for talking puppies! As you'd expect in a Disney movie with talking animals, Super Buddies is chock full of one liners, puns and silliness and humans acting goofy!

Although, as I mentioned, this IS a children's film, the plot is kind of flimsy. Without giving too much away (remember, we're as spoiler free as can be), Budderball's owner, Bartleby Livingstone (played by Trey Loney), is a wanna be comic
Super Buddies
book writer. Seems he's been collecting this toy rings that come in Budderball's bag of kibble, and now he has the complete set! He's also a fan of the comic book, Captain Canine and Kid Courageous. Now, Captain Canine, according to the comic book, is actually a hero from outer space who launched power rings out of his spaceship to avoid the evil Drex, who wants to possess the rings and RULE THE UNIVERSE!!! 
Super Buddies ASSEMBLE!

And what would a Disney movie be without a message to deliver? Well...probably not a Disney movie but that's beside the point! Anyway, the moral of this story really isn't hard to find, but it is an important one for kids. Especially today, when it's tough to find a proper positive message to be had. The Buddies discover that although it is cool to have super powers, it's not the POWERS that make you super, or's YOU. Just as you are. Now, this may sound cliche and a bit cornball, but it's a great message for children to hear. I and for one loved it!

John Ratzenberger as Grandpa
Of course, the action, one liners and silliness tend to be over the top but as I mentioned...for kids...not adults. Super Buddies, as are all the entries in Disney's Buddies franchise, is a cute, action packed and yes, even message driven movie that will appeal to just about anyone. Plus, Disney/Pixar favorite John Ratzenberger plays Bartleby's Grandpa, the incomparable Tim Conway plays the voice of Deputy Sniffer (a bloodhound) and Colin Hanks (son of Sheriff Woody!) plays the voice of Captain Canine!

Super Buddies in training!

Disney's Super Buddies is certainly a must own for anyone with children, or for anyone who likes a good talking dogs save the world movie! 

Available now on DVD+Digital copy for $29.99 SRP and 2-Disc Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital Copy Combo Pack for $36.99 SRP. Running time is about 88 minutes. 

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