Monday, September 23, 2013

Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast...Episode 79

Welcome to episode 79 of Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast - another VIDEO VOICEOVER EXTRAVAGANZA!!! On this video greatness, we share some of our favorite memories from Halloween Seasons Past at the Disneyland Resort, our FAVORITE time of year to visit the Happiest Place On Earth! Why you ask? Well...just watch the video...
Halloween Season at Disneyland

Well, honestly part of the reason we love the Halloween Season so much at Disneyland, is because that was the very first time we had visited the Park together. In fact, Halloween Season 2007 was the VERY first time I (Al) had ever visited Disneyland! I know...shocking right? That's a long story, and if you've been tuning in to the show for any length of time, you've most likely heard it before, so I won't bore you guys again! (And a collective sigh of relief could be heard throughout the land!)
Such a BEAUTIFUL sight!

So, if you've NEVER had the fun of a Halloween Season Disneyland visit, trust me, it's something you're going to want to do.  Yeah, the Holiday Season is awesome, so is Spring Time, but for me at least, Halloween is THE best time. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not like a HUGE fan of Halloween. It's an ok 'Holiday', but never been my favorite. BUT...the way Disneyland dresses up the place for Halloween is...oh, I don't know...magical. Yeah, maybe it's because it always
Haunted Mansion Holiday
reminds me of our first visit, but still, you cannot deny that Disneyland does the fall/Halloween season up right! There's a wonderful chill in the air, especially at night; the fall themed decorations everywhere; Cast Members dressed in warmer clothing...everything! If you need a reality break, trust us, THIS is the time to go! One of the things we love during this season is to stop by the Market House, grab a nice cup of hot cocoa and sit either at the Hub or by the big
Fall Colors at Disneyland
Mickey Pumpkin in Town Square near the entrance to Disneyland, and just watch the happy guests! It's awesome to see the little ones all dressed up in Halloween costumes, HUGE smiles on their faces as they meet their favorite Disney characters all dressed up as well. (sniff, sniff), great, now I REALLY miss Disneyland!

Hey, if you have a favorite Halloween Disneyland memory, how about sharing with us? We'd LOVE to share it with other listeners on our Halloween Special coming up in October. In fact, it doesn't HAVE to be a Disneyland story. It could be ANY Disney Park or even just a favorite Halloween story. We always love to hear from you guys! 
Minnie Mouse in Costume

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Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…

"Make It A Mickey Day!" ~~ Al & Joyce

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