Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast...Episode 78

Welcome to episode 78 of Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast! Well, we're back to a more 'normal' format this time around. No special interviews. No special coverage. Just us. Doing what we do. Sharing Disney Magic with YOU!

So, we kind of went a little long in Host Chat. What can we say? We had a lot to share. But it's fun. Well, kind of. Joyce and I chatted about what's going on around the old Tales House including what we HOPE is the start of a cooler season here in Arizona. Man it's been HOT! I mean like, Africa hot! Today was kind of a nice day, overcast, rainy. But still on the warm side but hey, it's a start, right?

Narrated by Al Kessel
We also chatted about my (Al) recent audiobook completion. This one marks number six for me and is titled The Warrior and the Flower, by Camille Picott. This was truly a fun book to narrate. I know what you're thinking: you HAVE to say that. Well, not really. But I really mean it. This was really a great novel. It's an Asian Fantasy, all about this ragged and worn warrior who adopts an eight year old girl. Well, saves her from a life of misery really. While he's trying to figure out just how to raise a little girl, he's also battling some pretty nasty villains in an effort to save the World Kingdom from total anarchy. See? Told you it was fun! The audiobook was approved recently by the author and should be up for purchase by the end of September at and iTunes. 

And of course, we shared a couple reviews. Joyce shared a few of her favorite attractions at Disneyland, and I shared a food review on Disneyland's Rancho Del Zocallo. If you like Mexican food, well, trust me, you'll have to tune in to my review. 

PLUS, and this is AWESOME news...our great friend and podcast sponsor Randy Crane from Mouse Ear Vacations has signed on for another sponsorship year! It's great to have Randy as part of the Tales Family and we're both very grateful for all he's done for the show. Thanks Randy! Everyone, send Randy a BIG thank you on Facebook!! 

We'll be sharing Faye Crane's D23 Expo coverage in an upcoming blog this week, so if you missed her episode (76), you can read all about it. Then go back and listen. Cuz there's no excuse. You MUST listen!! 

Congrats Jason!
What else....OH, we also announced the winner of our Ben G. Pirates Of The Caribbean Four Movie Blu-Ray Collection Trivia Contest Giveaway! We had a LOT of entries this time around, but only a few were correct. And the lucky winner of that AWESOME giveaway is....(insert drumroll here) Jason Gordon! Congrats Jason! Thanks to EVERYONE for entering and keep an ear out for some great contests coming up soon. 

Hey, if YOU'RE in need of a great travel agent, why not give our sponsor, Randy Crane from Mouse Ear Vacations a holler! I bet he can make YOUR vacation a MAGICAL one! Visit Randy at NOW is the time to book your 2015 Disney D23 Expo adventure! 

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Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…

"Make It A Mickey Day!" ~~ Al & Joyce

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