Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Happiest Blog On Earth - Christmas 2010

Well, Christmas 2010 has come and departed, rather quickly I might add! Of course, the 2010 Holiday Season has not been without it’s unfair share of trials and tribulations for Joyce and me. In fact, then entirety of 2010 has been, shall I say, wrought with mettle testing episodes that nearly brought us to our proverbial knees more than once!

We entered into the Christmas week with me sick, like I’ve not been in many a year. Oh, and lest we forget the podcast feed issue that we’ve FINALLY corrected?! That was one to REALLY humble me! I thought myself a computer whiz, but found out I am a computer cheese-whiz! (Check out episode 12 of Tales From The Mouse House Podcast for details). But, Joyce and I awoke on Christmas morn to an excited puppy (yep, she actually got excited to see her presents under the tree!), distributed to each other our gifts and had a wonderful day! A yummy ham dinner, then enjoying our beautiful Christmas Tree sans room lights topped off a perfect day spent in each other’s company. Alone. Just the three of us (Kate our puppy). The way we like it!

As we head into the home stretch of 2010, I reflect upon the hardships not only we faced, but many of our friends and family faced as well, and I can’t help but pray to God that 2011 is better. So, from me, Joyce, Kate and Tales From The Mouse House Podcast, have a Happy, Safe, Blesses and Prosperous New Year!  - Al