Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast...Episode 85

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast Episode 85! Yep...we're back to a more 'normal' format! YAH!! Our first episode for hard to believe it actually 2014 already! Man, how time flies. On this episode we have some special treats for you. 

Of course, since it HAS been awhile, we kind of get a little goofy in our Host Chat at the beginning of the show. What can we say? Put us in front of microphones and BOOM! We become silly! But, that's us! Anyway, it's a New Year and both of us have set some new goals for ourselves to 'try' and make 2014 a little better than 2013 - and let's face it...if you've been listening to us, or following us on social media, you know we NEED a better year! So, I (Al) have set some practical goals for myself, and one that's maybe a little...well, maybe unpractical? First, I want to better organize my professional life. Since starting the Voice Over/Narration company, I've been kind of, well, Floundering a bit (parading the Little Mermaid reference!). I've kind of been learning things as I go, on the talent side of the biz as well as the business side of the biz. I've learned a LOT over the last 11 months, and hopefully, I'll be able to implement some productive changes that will be...well...productive! And, I've also made the goal of booking/producing NO LESS than 50 titles this year for Storyteller Productions! Sounds like a lot...that's it..just sounds like a lot! But I think it's attainable. And, I've decided that SOME WAY, we're going BACK to Disneyland in 2014. Don't know HOW yet, but we will. Now Joyce has set a goal as well - she is going to complete the book she's writing - FINALLY! Trust me, it's a great concept and you'll certainly want at least 5 copies when it's ready! 

Lauren, Louie, Al and Joyce
We had the great privilege of finally meeting our great friend and Tales listener Louie Tabinas and his lovely girlfriend Lauren! They surprised us last week with a visit as they were traveling down to Tucson - all the way from California! It was great to finally meet them. We chatted for about a half hour or so and just had a great time. And, Louie dropped off an audio file that we think you're going to want to hear - Louie and Lauren were able to have a meal at Disneyland's prestigious Club 33 and Louie recorded an AWESOME review for us - and YOU! Which you'll be able to hear, but only if you listen to Episode 85! Thanks Louie and Lauren!!

And Joyce reviews Goofy's Sky School. Yeah...exactly. It's just like the old Mullholland Madness, only with better theming! Joyce and our good friend Kenny rode that one on our last visit. Let's just say...not a ride if you're concerned with NOT having a headache! And of course, we share some Tips to help you enjoy the Disneyland Resort MUCH more, as well as a couple of Hidden Treasures that are SURE to leave you dizzy and looking for a cool game to play (tune in!)

New Trivia Contest - Thanks To Ben and Family!
PLUS (wow, a BIG show, huh?) we launch another Trivia Contest that we're SURE you're going to want to enter. Our AWESOME friend Ben Gallegos and his wonderful family donated the Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-Ray+Blu-Ray 3D+DVD+Digital Copy of the all new Disney/Pixar CLASSIC Monsters University! This is ONE FUN movie! Tune in to the show to hear the trivia contest, but be sure to send your entry to no later than Saturday February 1, 2014 to be entered. Only one entry per person please. Thanks Ben and family! You guys ROCK!!

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Thanks for making US a part of your Disney Experience, and remember...
"Make It A Mickey Day!"

                                          ~~ Al, Joyce and Kate (the pup)
Classic Uncle Walt!