Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Chronicles of Duffy - Adventures with Buddies!

My buddies, Katie and Val have been joining me on some adventures. A few weeks ago we played in the snow, well Katie played while I observed. It is crazy to see snow in the region of Arizona that we live in. You can watch Katie’s antics on YouTube.  She is not as popular as the laughing baby but equally as cute.  This past weekend, it was beautiful and we explored the wilderness, of our backyard.  Katie loves to sunbathe and Val and I are beginning to enjoy it too. 

We enjoyed a Saturday afternoon hanging out at Starbucks with other puppies.  My big sis, Katie got a little nervous when another dog tried to sniff me.  She is so loving and protective of me. 

We went shopping for our spring flowers and this year, Mom and Dad are adding calla lilies to the garden.  They are my most favorite and don’t I look so cute in my picture with them? Love springtime and can’t wait to go more adventures.  What would you like to see me and my family do?