Sunday, July 12, 2015

Teen Beach Movie 2

by Joyce Kessel

TEEN BEACH 2 Washed Ashore on Disney DVD on June 26th

Teen Beach 2 begins on the last day of summer vacation with Brady taking Mack on a date to celebrate where they first met, three months ago, but during a late night surf she loses the necklace Lela gave her in the first Teen Beach movie.

On the first day of school, Brady and Mack quickly discover that summer and school “me” are different and they have different goals. Will Mack and Brady's relationship have  a happy ending now that summer is over and school is starting? 

As they continue to head down different paths, the necklace washes up on shore in the world of Tanner and Lela.  Lela shares with Tanner that she wants to be more like Mack and the necklace transports them to Mack and Brady. Lela discovers that she loves the modern world, and as Brady and Mack did in the first movie, begins to lose her 1960 character traits. I won’t spoil it for you, so if you want to know the ending check out the movie.   

I thought it was a good movie, and as with all Disney movies it has a message. That message is twofold: Don’t lose yourself and be sure to follow your dreams. There were a number of dance numbers and the bonus features shows the cast learning the dance numbers choreographed by Christopher Scott. 

I give the movie two of out of five stars, mainly because they left it open for Teen Beach Movie 3 and I don’t think it was necessary.  Another reason I gave the movie 2 stars is because I found the Tanner character to be a little over the top with his acting.  

Movie details: 

DVD Includes Never-Before-Seen Bonus Features and an Exclusive Friendship Necklace!

Synopsis: Dive in and rock out with the hottest surf sequel under the sun! Now that summer ‘s over and school has begun, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack’s (Maia Mitchell) relationship seems headed for a wipeout – until Lela, Tanner and the “Wet Side Story” kids show up! Dazzled by the novelty and variety of the modern world, Lela wants to stay, but the real world and the “reel” world just don’t mix. Can Mack and Brady find the magic to get the kids home and get their own romance back on track before it’s too late? Packed with electrifying song & dance numbers and hilarious fish-out-of-water wackiness, Teen Beach 2 is “wow-abunga” fun for everyone.

Director: Jeffrey Hornaday (“Teen Beach Movie,” TV Movie “Geek Charming,” Carlito’s Way)

Writers: Teleplay by Billy Eddy, Matt Eddy and Story by Dan Berendsen, Robert Horn

Cast: Ross Lynch (Muppets Most Wanted, Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally”) as Brady; Maia Mitchell (ABC Family’s “The Fosters”) as Mack;; Grace Phipps (Fright Night, TV’s “The Nine Lives of Chloe King”) as Lela; Garrett Clayton (ABC Family’s “The Fosters,” Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”) as Tanner.

Choreography: Christopher Scott (TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With The Stars,” Step Up franchise)

Release Date:   June 26, 2015 (Distributor Pre-Book: 5/15; Direct Pre-Book: 5/1)
Release Formats:  DVD

Bonus Features: Exclusive: Cast Dance Rehearsals  - Exciting new contemporary and retro music with dance numbers choreographed by Christopher Scott. Join Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the rest of cast as they learn some of the crazy steps for the movie.  See how they put the moves into the songs Best Summer Ever, Gotta Be Me, Falling For Ya, and That’s How We Do.

Ratings:                            TV-G (US); G (Canada)
Aspect Ratio:                   1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions)
Audio:                               2.0 Dolby Digital

Languages:                       English, French & Spanish