Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Happiest Blog On Earth - One Year Later

Wow, can you believe it? We can’t! Tales From The Mouse House Podcast is one year old! Seems like only yesterday that we...ok, well, that’s not true, is it?! We love doing this podcast and it feels so natural to us that we feel as if we’ve been doing this all our lives. Like we were...meant to bring the wondrous magic that Walt Disney created to you!

This podcast started out as a way to allow us to experience the magic of the Original Happiest Place On Earth more than just the few times we get to the Resort each year. We quickly found out that soon after a visit to the Disneyland Resort, we begin to miss that wonderful place a LOT! So we decided to podcast about it. Through the research for each show, and actually talking about it, we found that we kept that magic going between visits. A GOOD thing! But something else happened too. A few months after we started broadcasting Tales From The Mouse House, YOU started telling us wonderful stories about your visits to the Park. Another GOOD thing!! Then, through your stories we got to continue that Magical experience even more.

Then another awesome thing happened. We started getting emails from listeners telling us what our show has meant to them. Listeners who haven’t been able to visit Disneyland, some in years. All telling us, that by listening to us go on about our most FAVORITE place to be, they were experiencing that Disney Magic as well! We were bringing the Magic home for you! That’s like telling a child they have just won anything toy in the toy story they want! We were delighted to hear these tales.

And...(yep, more), we started getting emails from folks from places like England, Australia, and far off lands called Washington! All telling us that they’d NEVER been to Disneyland, but found our podcast and gave it a listen...and got hooked. Our show allows them to feel the Magic of a place they’ve never been to, and now REALLY want to visit!!

So, from the deepest, most Magical places within our hearts, we thank you for all the support you’ve given to us through this first year of Tales From The Mouse House. It’s been a pleasure. We’ve met some of the nicest and true people you could ever meet. This wonderful Disneyland community is one of family, values and fun. Walt would be grinning from ear to ear!! Thank you, and we hope that you’ll invite us into your homes for years to come!! Remember, Make It A Magical Day! ~~~ Al